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♥ Mrs. Mullen ♥
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Hello My name is Nina (Kelley) Mullen, I'm 30 years old Raised Country girl, my heart city/beach girl. I am a data entry clerk for Skyetec. I can honestly say now I'm very very content where I am in life. It has been a huge struggle, but it's been very rewarding. I blow out my candles on April 21,1984. I have been through a lot in my lifetime which lead to my Dec, 8th 98 adoption! I live about 800+ miles away from my amazing family/friends. But I have never been happier with the way my life has unfolded! I have a habit of saying things others are thinking.. which gets me in trouble sometimes. I ♥ Pink && Purple. I ♥ wearing my jammies, i have an addiction to icons, but most of all im madly in love with my husband Eric Steven Mullen. I am a BIG sister, little sister, daughter, grand daughter, wife, best friend, Cousin, Niece, and aunt to the most amazing people ever.
Above all else, love and you will do wonderful things in this world
We have been together since October 20,2003. Engaged May 20, 2013 in Key Largo & Married May 03, 2014 on the beach in St. Augustine. Our wedding was everything I dreamed of and more. And the 1st day i laid eyes on him i knew he would be mine FOREVER. I ask myself all the time, how i ever got to be this blessed. We have an amazing relationship, living in our dream house, and the best part is being with him.
Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words remain
Every kiss is a cursive line
Every touch is a redefining phrase.
When I saw you, well I knew we’d tell it well
With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas
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Don’t you ever regret knowing someone in your life, good people will give you happiness, bad people will give you experience, while the worst people will give you a lesson and the best people will always give you memories.
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We're pregnant!!!!
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♥ Mr. Mullen♥
I am head over heels in love w. this man, Eric Mullen. he has made me who i am today. Born May 28, 1986 and raised in Kokomo In. College Graduate from Purdue University, Majoring in Computer Technology. Now is employed with Bank of America, working from home!!He is truly the most amazing person ive ever laid eyes on. He has made my life COMPLETE!
I loved you from the beginning, i loved you up until now. i will love you forever & ever. this is my promise now. <3
We adopted our 1st labrador retriever puppy as a couple, on April 15 Rocky. He was born Feb 3rd 2011. He completes our happy home <3 Hes just absolutely precious And we are enjoying every minute growing with him. Hes already learned soo much in such a short time.
Pets make a house a home,a couple a family, someone lonely loved. Pets make the world a happier place
♥Our Bundle of Joy♥
We are expecting our first baby January 16, 2016. We can not wait to meet our sweet baby. We are soo blessed to be starting this next chapter in our lives. My heart is sooo full the moment I received that "you're pregnant" on my pregnancy test. My lifetime dreams are coming true. And I am soo lucky to be sharing this journey with my one and only true love and best friend.
I loved you from the very start… You stole my breath, embraced my heart. Our life together has just begun, You’re part of me, my little one. As mother with child, each day I knew My mind would be filled with thoughts of you. I’m daydreaming of the things we’ll share, Like late-night bottles and teddy bears. Like first steps and skinned knees, Like bedtime stories and ABC’s. I’m thinking of things you’ll want to know, Like how birds fly and flowers grow. I’ve thought of lessons I’ll need to share, Like standing tall and playing fair. When I first see your precious face, I’ll pray your life be touched with grace. I’ll thank the angels from above, And promise you unending love. Each night I’ll lay you down to sleep, I’ll gently kiss your head and cheek. I’ll count your little fingers and toes, I’ll memorize your eyes and nose. I will linger at your nursery door, Awed each day that I love you more. Through misty eyes, I’ll dim the light, And whisper, “I love you” every night. As mother with child our journey’s begun, My heart’s yours forever, little one. I loved you from the very start… You stole my breath, embraced my heart.
We have 3 nephews and 1 niece. Jayce Mikal, Alvin, Madison Marie & Matthew. They are my life. My 1st nephew which is Jayce Mikal is 10 born December 6th. He loves sports!! And has his 1st girlfriend! Next Up is Madison Marie shes 2 born Novemeber 5th. She is beautiful. I dont get to see her as often as i would like, but when i do i enjoy every minute with her! Alvin is 2 also born in August. Then lastly is Matthew, he just too cute for words. :) We love each and every one of them!!
Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend

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